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1U 1550nm DWDM Optical Amplifier EDFA BA/PA/LA-Product Center-Benet Communication Co., Limited-
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Name:1U 1550nm DWDM Optical Amplifier EDFA BA/PA/LA

Product Description

Product Introduction

The product is a high stability output power EDFA. The stability Pump Laser and unique ATC (automatic temperature control) and AGC (automatic gain control) circuit are employed in it as the key components to ensure the high stability and reliability of output power. The unique optical circuit design ensures the excellent optical characteristics. The high stability and high precision MPU system are employed to ensure the control adjustment and display are intelligent and user-friendly. Professional design GFF (gain flattening filter) with excellent optical path design make flatness and noise reach the best optimization. It can provide 40~80 channels, and flatness above 35nm.

The optical circuit is designed especially for digital optical fiber communication system including:
(1) lower noise figure 
(2) the high output booster and high sensitivity pre-amplifier improve the system loss budget 
(3) Broad input power range and output power is adjustable easily.
The design of dual Power Mixed and hot swap provides longer MTBF. Also, the power system can be backed up.
Employing the intelligent temperature control system,the fan is on when the module temperature over 35℃, and it will stop when the temperature goes under 30℃, which ensures the thermal stability and fan’s long life-time, moreover, the professional air flow design can also ensure the best temperature stability.

Intelligent network management system. Perfectly network interface: Ethernet, RS-485 and RS-232 network interface,and the open mib ensure the connectivity with all other network management systems.


This Single Channel EDFA has the following features:
➢ Low noise figure: typical is under 4.5dB 
➢ High Flatness: Typical 1dB
➢ Redundancy hot swap power module: 110/220VAC and -48VDC can plug mix
➢ Works for 19' or 21' racks
➢ Cover Whole C-Band: Carrier 40 or 80 chs 
➢ OLED display shows and controls the system parameters, LED status indication shows the alarm status 
➢ Supports ETH, RS232 ports by RJ45
➢ Network Management interface supporting SNMP via Ethernet port

➢ Support AGC and APC

Environmental Characteristics

Parameters Min. Max. Unit
Working Temperature -5 +60
Storage Temperature -40 +80
Humidity 5 85 %
Note: non-condensing

Mechanical/ Power/ Interface Characteristics

Parameters Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Size 1U H×D×W≤44x236x483 mm
Weight ----- ----- 6 Kg
Power Consumption1 ----- ----- 18 W
Cooling Air cool fans
Power Supply2 85/170 110/220 132/264 VAC
Interface RS-232, Ethernet
(1)Actual consumption depends on the output power and environment temperature.
(2)110VAC, 220VAC and -48VDC are optional.

Pre-amplifier Optical Characteristics

Parameter Min Typ Max Units Remark
Wavelength Range 1529 1550 1561 nm
Output Power ------ 20 dBm Optional
Gain 30 dB Optional
Flatness ------ 1.0 1.5 dBm @typical gain
Input Power1 -30 -5 dBm Optional
Output Power Stability ------ ±0.1 dB
NF (In=0dBm, λ=1550nm) ------ 5.0 5.5 dB @max output,typical gain
PMD (Polarization Mode Dispersion) ------ ------ 0.5 ps
PDG (Polarization Dependent Gain) ------ ------ 0.3 dB
RL (Optical Return Loss) 45 ------ ------ dB
Pump Leakage at Input & output -30 dBm
*1 When input power is lower than -26dBm, it will alarm. And when input power is lower than -28dBm, pump laser will be off.